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The Catalan mortgage

Who doesn't fancy a free and careless old age? That's certainly possible in the UK and many other countries for that matter. As for us we're mad about Catalunya.
Taking out a Catalan mortgage is quit different as opposed to lending money for buying a house in Great Britain. Our purpose is to show you how it's done!

Living a carefree life is wonderful but not laid out for everybody. What is possible for many however, is a cottage on the Iberian peninsula, on the coast or further inland. Your pension
or disability payments can often be collected while living abroad. This is easier for older
folks of course but for many younger people quite possible as well.


Opstalverzekering tweede huis

Masia for sale in the north of Spain

In Catalunya this wonderful villa came to market. Visit the website VILLA NOORD SPANJE

What to watch out for, and why this site? Because!

You can try 'winging it,' following your own bearings, or benefit from the experience of those who have gone before you. There are plenty of sites on the web where information is exchanged but apparently not when it comes to Catalan estate agents, the Catalan mortgage or the kind and amount of taxes that are involved when either buying or selling a house.

What are you to look out for when choosing a location and what are the average costs per sq. meter? Are there different rules for Spaniards, for those who are residents as opposed to those who keep their main address in Great Britain or some other country.

This site may not be complete and have all the answers but at we do offer the possibility to ask questions. We maintain contact with various estate agents, brokers and financial institutions. The experience we have obtained in selling and buying real estate in Catalunya could save you a lot of heartache and frustration, things 'we' had to learn the hard (expensive) way.
All's well that ends well, but how long is the road well traveled? And then there's always the risks of being taken for a ride as apparently expatriates are not afraid to defraud either.

Catalan real estate

What's most important is that you let yourself be accompanied by someone fluent in both Catalan and English. That's also a requirement when you sign the contract, that is, when your command of Catalan is insufficient. A decent notary will ask you if you need the assistance of a translator and will help you call upon one when you did not take this into account.
Another thing is knowing who you are dealing with, are the salesperson and the estate agent reliable, of good report? Do a little local investigation, ask around, ask which brokers and estate agents have good reputations and which do not. If the ones you're dealing with do, you're ready to take the next step.

When you know what you're buying and from who, the chance of you being taken to the cleaners will be significantly reduced. If you're in need of a mortgage the financing party will always have a taxation of the property performed, but be careful, a rejection or taxation lower than the agreed upon price does not mean that you can just walk away from the deal as is the case in the UK and possibly other nations as well!

...and furthermore

Make sure you're aware of all the 'ins and outs'. This site can help you on your way but if you do get stuck with questions don't hesitate to mail us, we'll do our best to provide you with the right answer. This site does not yet provide all the information needed but will at the end of November.

Please visit us again, don't be a stranger!

Never say in hind view: "I just didn't know!"

CatalunyaCasa will enable you to look before you leap and save you from expensive mishaps!

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